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There are a lot of factors that go into pricing of projects. From the size and time needed to achieve the results desired to turnaround time, it makes it difficult to set blanketed prices. When you reach to inquire about a project you will be informed of the turnaround time and pricing of your project. Note that each project is given the highest priority level it can have at the moment and will be done accurately and to the customers satisfaction. Pricing will always be fair and explained if necessary. The end goal is to leave every customer satisfied with their experience from start to finish.

Types of Work


Digital Flyers

Events, Announcements or any of your needs

Gif/Motion Flyers

Give your flyer moving elements (background, foreground, specific items or text)

Flyer Sizes:

2048 X 2048 (Square, IG)

2048 X 3072 (Vertical, Full Phone Screen)

2048 X 1149 (Horizontal, Widescreen)

(Contact for Physical Flyers)

Business Cards

Full Color Standard Cards 

One or two sided with inclusion of QR Code upon request.

Single NFC Card 

A plastic card for the owner to keep on them that when tapped by a phone sends person to custom business page with contact information


Vinyl T-Shirts

Heat Transfer Vinyl Created shirts

Graphic Transfer Shirts


Full Websites

This includes Website Design with multiple pages and domain for 1 year.

Landing Page Only

This includes one page Landing page and domain for 1 year.

Website Redesigns

This is if you already have a website from another creator and would like it redesigned for any reason.


2' x 8' Banners

Glossy Print Full Color Banner for parties, events and announcements

2' x 6' Banners

Same offering as 2' x 8' banner but more compact


Standard Logos

Each logo comes with a minimum of three options. Once you've decided the direction you want to take the design, we'll work together to come up with the Logo of your dreams!

Videos and More

Video editing, recording, slideshows, YouTube Intros, and any other things you can come up with video-wise, WE CAN DO!

For any other projects feel free to reach out!

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