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Media Release


I, parent/guardian of Rosebud Training Academy student named below, do hereby give permission to be interviewed, photographed, and/or videotaped by Rosebud Healthcare and Training (further mentioned as, RBHT) or its representatives in connection with a Rosebud Production.

I understand and agree that the text, photographs, and/or videotapes thereof containing my name, likeness, and voice, including transcripts thereof, may be used in the production of instructional, promotional materials, and for other purposes that RBHT deems appropriate and that such materials may be distributed to the public and displayed publicly one or more times and in different formats, including but not limited to, websites, broadcasting, live videos, and other forms of transmission to the public. I also understand that this permission to use the text, photographs, videotapes, and name in such material is not limited in time and that I will not receive compensation for granting this permission.

I hereby unconditionally release RBHT and its representatives from all claims and demands arising out of the activities authorized under the terms of this agreement. 


By signing below, I give Rosebud Training Academy permission for usage. I can revoke this agreement at any time in writing. 

I have read the foregoing and fully understand its contents.

Accepted by:
Declined by:

Thank You for Submitting!

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